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5 Best Air-purifying Plants For Your Home



As we move towards big cities and technology, we sometimes feel disconnected from nature which may affect us negatively without us noticing. But luckily, humans always find a way to make everything accessible. And even though we are moving further from nature, we still found a way to bring nature back to us. We can now buy all sorts of plants and trees and have them in our homes. Some get them to make their houses look aesthetically greener and more beautiful bringing the essence of nature to their own homes, others get them as their own personal house pets to take care of and in the process reduce stress and anxiety and greatly improve their mood. But have you ever wondered how your house plants can make you, your family, and the environment healthier?

That is right, not all house plants are meant to simply look nice, some can act as natural air purifiers to clear out toxins that might be lurking in the air, furniture, walls, and carpets of your own home.

So, to avoid indoor air pollution build up because of the lack of airflow, we are here to give you insight about 5 air-purifying house plants that will help filter the air you are breathing every day.

  • Snake plant

You might be familiar with this plant. That’s because it’s one of the most popular house plants in the world. This type of Snake plant, also identified as Sansevieria Trifasciata is known for its ability to absorb toxins and gases from the air, releasing pure oxygen at night-time. You can also use them for medical purposes. Just make sure you do not consume it, and to always keep it hidden if you’re living with pets as it contains Saponin, which is a toxin that can cause destressing reactions to cats and dogs.

  • Peace Lily

This inside-out beautiful plant is actually very powerful in filtering air from impurities up to 60 percent. It will help lower your risk of developing health complications such as throat and eye infections, sinuses, lung problems and much more. Not to mention, they are obviously very elegant and will aesthetically add a little touch of grace to your home.

  • English Ivy

These beauties are so good for you. An English Ivy plant will aid in eliminating mold, will humidify and improve your indoor air quality by reducing carbon monoxide. This plant is widely used by herbalists to treat respiratory problems such as asthma and bronchitis. It also helps with swelling, joint aches, infections and even treat skin burns. Consider hanging one or two in your house for constant indoor fresh air.

  • Lemon Button Fern

First, how cute is their name? Lemon Button Ferns, also known as Nephrolepis Cordifolia, Duffi or simply Lemon buttons are fantastic in filtering indoor air from many airborne pollutants that are believed to trigger health issues such as breathing difficulties, headaches and even the growth of cancerous cells. Not only that, but they humidify the air and as you might have guessed, they smell like fresh lemons to brighten up you up your morning.

  • Bamboo Palm

When cared for the right way, the Bamboo Palm plant will act as one of the best natural air purifiers on the market, because of their ability to transpire approximately a litre of water every day. With this daily transpiration rate, the Bamboo plant is great for eliminating benzene which can be found in nail polish and many other chemical compounds found in plastic objects and toys. This plant grows fast when taken care of and will not just clean your environment, but they will look majestic when fully grown and will add a charming touch to your indoor haven.