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5 best types of fish and seafood perfect for grilling



With the weather getting better it’s time to fire up the grills and enjoy a delicious seafood barbecue. But choosing the right fish for that perfect family barbecue can be quite overwhelming. Here is a list of the top best types of fish and seafood perfect for grilling to help prepare a succulent and tasty seafood meal. 

  1. Salmon

Salmon is a very thick and meaty fish which makes it perfect for grilling. A salmon fillet is about 1 to 2 inches thick, which is thicker than usual fish fillets making it easier to grill. However, before placing this fatty fish on the grill make sure to keep the skin on to prevent it from sticking to the grill. Salmon is naturally rich in flavour so just sprinkle some salt, pepper and olive oil and get ready to indulge in a delicious flavourful salmon dinner. Salmon is an excellent source of vitamin B, Omega-3 fatty acids and potassium. It can also help reduce the risk of heart disease, fight inflammation and protect brain health. 

  1. Tuna

Tuna is another meaty fish that works well for great family seafood grill. When selecting tuna fillets for grilling, pick the fillets that have a deep red colour and free of dark patches. Tuna tends to dry off easily so toss it in a tangy marinade before you grill it to keep it tender and juicy. Tuna is a delicate fish and easy to overcook, it only needs 8-10 minutes on the grill. Tuna is rich in zinc and vitamin C which help with boosting immunity. Tuna is also low in fat content and rich in protein and nutrients which makes it your prefect partner for a healthy diet.  

  1. Shrimp

Shrimps are delicious in all forms, but if you want to treat your taste buds to a flux of flavours then then grilled shrimps is the best way to do that. Shrimps only need 2-5 minutes on the grill depending on their size, keeping the shell on the shrimp will help prevent them from overcooking and seal in the flavour. When purchasing shrimp, pick the firm ones with a translucent grey or pink shell. Shrimps with black edges or spots may indicate quality loss. Shrimps have a variety of health benefits, they are rich in vitamins, mineral and protein. They can also help promote heart and brain health.  

  1. Trout

Grilling a whole fish can be quite a challenge; however, if you’re up for the challenge then trout is a great choice for grilling. Trout is best cooked in a lightly oiled grill basket, just stuff the trout with fresh herbs like basil, parsley and lemon slices and place on the grill for about 20 minutes. Trout is a great source of phosphorus which helps maintain healthy teeth and bones.

  1. Mackerel

Oily fish such as mackerel are great for grilling. Make sure you select medium sized mackerels because smaller sizes can burn on the grill, it is also recommended to grill them whole with a sprinkle of olive oil. You should not cook it for more than 6 minutes to prevent it from drying out. Mackerel contains very low levels of mercury, high amounts of vitamin B12 and omega-3 fatty acids.

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