5 Fun Family Activities to Do This Weekend | The Waterfront Market

5 Fun Family Activities to Do This Weekend



It’s every parent’s dream to find one place that offers a variety of fun activities to explore with their children. If you’re looking for a new fun experience to enjoy as a family, here is a guide to the top 5 activities you can explore at Waterfront Market that are guaranteed to keep the young ones occupied and happy.

  1. Learn about marine creatures

The local fish market is a great place for your youngsters to get involved in learning about aquatic life and exploring strange marine creatures. It is a great science experiment for kids who are interested in marine biology, the trip can be fun and educational at the same time. If you have picky eaters who don’t like to explore anything beyond fish fingers, a visit to the fish market will give them a chance to become more adventurous with their food choices when it comes to seafood dishes. The Waterfront Market has more than 350 seasonal varieties of local and international seafood and fish. If you’re planning on preparing a seafood feast this weekend, then grab the kids and go fish for the freshest seafood at Waterfront Market’s seafood market.  

  1. Travel around the world with exotic spices

Are you ready for an exciting trip around the world? Resembling the traditional look and feel of a souk, the Waterfront Market’s dry goods and spices section has this incredible power to transport you to a different destination. It is stocked up with a variety of spices from more than 30 retailers offering amazing deals on locally sourced and imported spice. A visit to the spice souk will be a great bonding activity with your little ones, where you will both get the chance to immerse yourselves in the incredible world of spices. Grab that shopping list and start your unique aromatic adventure this weekend.  

  1. Enjoy a delicious fresh meal

After all the shopping and exploring, you will need some time to relax and enjoy a delicious meal. Waterfront Market is home to some of the most popular restaurants and cafes in the UAE. Whether you are looking for a quick snack to refuel and continue shopping or maybe a special fun family-style lunch, you will find a wide range of dining options. If you are craving a fresh seafood meal you can simply grab your favourite seafood and fish from the market and have it cooked right in front of you at one of the market’s live cooking vendors.

  1. Shop for Back to School

Nothing beats the excitement of your little ones getting ready for school. Shopping for Back-to-School supplies is a very cherished and sacred activity for the kids. Getting them involved with the shopping process helps build their confidence in making their own decisions and can also be a good opportunity to teach them how to be organized. The Waterfront Market has a great variety of retail stores that can help you with school supplies shopping. Also, there is an added bonus, you can head to Lulu Hypermarket and enjoy great Back-to-School deals and get your grocery shopping done at the same time.

  1. Climb and slide at Waterfront’s play area

Take a break from shopping and head to the Waterfront Market Play Area for some family-fun time. This indoor play includes lots of slides, a ball pit, and a trampoline. Your little ones can also get a chance to unleash their creativity at the arts and crafts section, and get their favourite superhero painted on their face.