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5 healthy habits to follow during Ramadan



We all wait for the Holy month of Ramadan to take some time to relax, reflect and bond with the family. It’s a time where we try to incorporate some healthy habits and traditions in our everyday life. To help you develop these habits, we have prepared a list of things you can do to stay healthy during this Holy month.

1. Be mindful with breaking your fast
You haven’t eaten all day and been craving a delicious burger with fries; you have been dreaming about Iftar time to have a bite of that sweet Kunufeh with some coffee. Before you break your fast, take some time to think about the mind games your body has been playing on you. Don’t rush into feeding your hunger and thirst once you hear the call for prayer, break your fast gradually start with a glass of water and dates then wait for some time before you dive into the main meal.

2. Stay hydrated, drink plenty of water
Drinking water during Ramadan can be a little difficult, we get there is not enough time to sneak in 8-12 glasses from Iftar time till Suhoor. However, your body needs water to stay hydrated and alert during fasting. You can start replacing sugary and carbonated drinks with water, or you flavour your water with fruits to help you drink more water non-fasting hours.

3. Add more greens to your Iftar and Suhoor
We sometimes often make unhealthy choices when it comes to Iftar meals, whether it’s overeating or opting for the fried and sugary options after a long day of fasting. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have any of your favourite dishes, however you need to have a balanced Iftar and consume fried and sweet treats in moderation. Try to incorporate vegetables in all your Iftar and Suhoor meals. Vegetables will help your body get a variety of nutrients, fibre and regulate your blood sugar levels during fasting.

4. Fresh fruits are great dessert alternatives
Indulge in delicious sweet treats over a cup of coffee after Iftar has become a tradition during Ramadan. If you are person who prefers to eat something sweet after Iftar then maybe you should consider replacing sweet treat with fruits. Fruits will provide your body with the necessary fibres and nutrients needed to keep you energized. If you don’t know where to find the freshest fruits, you can start with checking out the Waterfront Market. Whether you’re looking for locally sourced, imported, or exotic fruits you will find it at Waterfront’s fruits and vegetables market.

5. Stay active and energized
People think that exercising during Ramadan can be quite exhausting and might even quit their exercising routine. Exercising is very crucial during the month of Ramadan it helps you get rid of excess fat in the body. You can exercise while fasting or after you break you break your fast. However, if you’re planning to exercise before Iftar then make sure to avoid intense workouts.