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7 Tips for The Perfect Summer Smoothie



It’s summertime and with summer comes the sweet and fresh taste of fruity smoothies. It’s the perfect time to visit our fruit and veg market in dubai, get the blender out of the pantry, and start making delicious smoothies.. But before you get to blending you need to know the 7 essential steps to making the perfect summer smoothie.

  • Choose your smoothie’s base

The base of your smoothie plays a vital role in the final result. When it comes to picking a base for your smoothie make sure to choose wisely, because it’s very important to get the right balance of ingredients from the start. You can use milk, fruit juice, coconut water depending on the flavours you plan to add to your smoothie.

  • Make your own frozen fruit

Nothing tastes better than fresh summer fruits. Did you buy way too many mangoes or have your bananas gone too brown? You can simply peel and freeze them and keep them ready for your morning smoothie. Freezing ready to blend fruits in a plastic bag or jar can save you a lot of time and will also add a fresh and vibrant touch to your smoothie. It’s better to add frozen fruits instead of ice as your main frozen ingredient, because ice might ruin the consistency of your smoothie.

  • Make sure to add a Vitamin C boost

Starting your day with an immune booster is very important especially if you’re heading into a stressful day at work or at home. Vitamin C also helps your body absorb Iron and other nutrients, so next time you’re preparing a smoothie make sure to add some citrus element, ginger, guava, strawberry or kiwi.

  • Greens make everything taste better

Smoothies are a great way to fill up on your daily dose of vitamins and minerals. Adding a handful of greens such as kale, spinach, or lettuce will add flavour and a great amount of nutrients to your smoothie.

  • Add some grains

Grains such as chia seeds, quinoa, oats or flax seeds are rich with proteins, fibres and antioxidants, they are that perfect nutritious kick every smoothie needs. Grains also add a thicker texture to your smoothie, so if you think your smoothie is too thin just toss in some grains.

  • Take it easy with blending

The consistency of your smoothie depends on the way you blend it. The trick to a creamy smoothie is blending your ingredients in stages. It is recommended to blend your greens at the beginning with your base then add in the rest of the ingredients to avoid chunks in your smoothie. The speed in which you blend the smoothie also plays a vital role in its silkiness. It is recommended to start blending on a low speed then work up to a higher speed.

  • Sweeten things up

If you like your smoothies sweet, then there are a few healthy ways to naturally sweeten your smoothies and get some extra nutrients as well. You can add a touch of honey, maple syrup or molasses to make your smoothies sweeter. If you prefer to sweeten your smoothie with fruits then bananas, dates, grapes and watermelons are great sweet ingredients.

If you are looking for fresh ingredients to make that perfect refreshing summer smoothie, then visit the Waterfront Market which offers a variety of fresh produce from seasonal fruits and vegetables to dairy products and grains and nuts. You will find everything you need for a perfect summer smoothie.

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