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Deira Fish Market Is No More But There’s A Shinier, Cleaner Less Charming Facility To Take It’s Place

Publication: Lovin Dubai

Region: UAE

Yes we’ll miss Deira Fish market, a true Old Dubai gem, where the bustling market place was popular with tourists and traders alike, hawking or buying fish at market place value. But while it’s easy to be nostalgic, an honest view of the old market was a huge warehouse, with little AC and questionable hygiene standards, so though it may not have the old charm; traders and buyers will welcome the new facility located on Al Khaleej Road: The Waterfront Market. The 100,000 square metres space will eventually sell fish, veg, fruit and meat Expect a cleaner, more hygienic, odour controlled, air conditioned environment that can hold up to 500,000 visitors per month. Coffee shops, retail outlets and restaurants are all part of future plans