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Tips and tricks to prepare for Ramadan



The Holy month of Ramadan is right around the corner, and as anyone would know, it is not just a time to fast during the day but also a time of spiritual reflection, cherished family moments and good deeds. Here are some tips to help you better prepare for the Holy month and make sure you get the most of it.

Food Tips

1. Be prepared, set an Iftar menu for the whole week, you can find a variety of recipes here.
2. Store handy in the freezer a variety of protein and vegetables.
3. Hang a grocery list on your fridge and update it whenever you run out of an ingredient.
4. Keep your kitchen well stocked with staple ingredients like frozen chicken and vegetables, grains, spices, and oil.
5. Store prepped ingredients like minced garlic and diced onions in your freezer.

Fasting and Health Tips

1. Break your fast gradually, wait for some time before your main meal.
2. Your Iftar meal should have a source of grains, proteins, vegetables, fruits, and healthy oils.
3. Don’t eat a lot of salty or spicy foods at Suhoor to avoid dehydration during the day.
4. Stay away from chocolate or coffee at Suhoor to avoid waking up tired and thirsty.
5. Stick to foods that will give you an energy burst like grilled chicken, boiled eggs, veggies, etc.
6. Stay active and exercise for 30 minutes every day, make sure to wait at least two to three hours after Iftar.
7. Get enough sleep to keep yourself active, fit, and energetic during the day.

Family Bonding Tips

1. Organize a virtual Iftar gathering with family and friends.
2. Get the whole family involved in preparing for Iftar.
3. Ask your little ones to help you clear-out your closet and put aside items for donation.
4. Let the whole family contribute to decorating the house for Ramadan.
5. Pick a family-friendly Ramadan show to watch together.

Now that you are all set for Ramadan, there is still one more thing remaining, your Ramadan groceries. The Waterfront market is the perfect place to do all your Ramadan shopping. You can start with heading to the local fish market and pick the freshest seafood and fish for your delicious Iftar meals. Then pass by the dry goods and spices section to stock up on a variety of aromatic spices and nuts. Finally, head to Lulu Hypermarket and get the rest of your grocery shopping done.