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Tips on buying the right meat and chicken for a barbeque



It’s barbeque season, which means it’s time to get out your grilling gear and celebrate with family, friends or even have a romantic barbeque night for two. If you love the ambience that comes with grilling but dread to shop for protein, don’t worry we are here to help you. Here are a few tips on how to pick the right cuts and pieces for your meat or chicken barbeque.


  1. Pick meat with fat

If you are planning to prepare a burger feast or flavourful Kafta skewers, then you need to add some fat to your ground beef. Make sure not to leave them for long because they tend to cook fast, 10 minutes on the grill is all they need.

  1. Ribs are always a great choice

Ribs always taste better on the grill. Turn down the heat when grilling ribs, they need their sweet time to cook to keep them juicy and tender.

  1. Juicy and delicious means thick cuts

Meat on the barbeque can dry out quickly, that’s why you need to pick a thick cut of meat. Dry meat is never a good outcome of a fun barbeque party.



  1. Bone-in and skin-on are easy to prep

It is highly recommended to keep the bone and skin on the any chicken cut when barbequing to make sure you enjoy a juicy piece of chicken. The skin and bones help distribute the heat equally and prevent the chicken from overcooking.

  1. Thighs are best for kebabs

Delicious chicken kebabs or Shish Tawook is better prepared with chicken thighs. They’re more flavourful than chicken breasts and easier to grill. You don’t want dry Shish Tawook especially if you have prepared an amazing garlic dip to go with it.

  1. Go for chicken breast for burgers

If you are leaning towards a healthier choice and don’t want to grill beef burgers, then chicken breasts are the best option. You can grill the chicken breast whole, or you can mince it and season it with some aromatic spices of your choice.

Congratulations you are on the road to being a barbeque expert. Grab your barbeque shopping list and head to the Waterfront Market which offers the widest selection of fresh lamb, beef, and chicken in a variety of cuts, prepared for a memorable barbeque. Whether you’re looking to prepare the most delicious burger, sausages, kebabs or Shish Tawook you will find it at the Waterfront Market.