Waterfront Market replaces Deira Fish Market

Publication: Time Out

Region: UAE

One of the most iconic institutions of Old Dubai, Deira Fish Market, has shut its stall for the final time, following the opening of Waterfront Market. Deira Fish Market, in Al Ras, has been around for nearly 60 years, opening in 1958, and proved to be one of Deira’s biggest tourist attractions. Now, traders have been instructed to move over to the Waterfront Market, a brand-new, cleaner, air-conditioned retail space with state-of-the-art technology and hygiene measures, which will be home to more than just fish traders. Waterfront Market is designed to be a hub for all fresh food shopping in the region, featuring butchers, fruit and vegetable market traders and dried goods merchants, as well as fishermen. The project is part of the Deira Enrichment Project, which aims to transform Deira into a “bustling hub of life that will add to the already rich tapestry woven by communities past and present,” according to Ithra Dubai. The new market will be joined by waterfront apartments, an extension to Deira Souk, retail and leisure complexes and more.

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