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One of the world’s most celebrated Japanese Itamaes (Sushi Chef)



One of the world’s most celebrated Japanese Itamaes (Sushi Chef), Noboyuki ‘Nobu’ Matsuhisa, more popularly known as ‘Chef Nobu,’ recently paid a surprise visit to The Waterfront Market in Deira,–visiting and seeing first hand its fresh and diverse range of products. Delighted at the diversity of the market’s many offerings, Chef Nobu noted that he will now be including the market in his recommended list of places to buy fresh seafood and produce. The successful visit of Chef Nobu demonstrates Waterfront Market’s growing popularity among celebrity chefs as the shopping destination for freshness, value and convenience. The Waterfront market’s fresh and diverse range of products continue to attract leading chefs from around the world. Celebrated chefs who have visited the place have expressed all praises for the Waterfront Market–lauding its cleanness, presence of a wide range of offerings and strategic location. The positive response received for the Waterfront Market further complements Dubai’s position as one of the world’s leading culinary havens, widely competing with great restaurant cities like Paris, London, New York and Tokyo. Lachlan Gyde, Executive Director – Ithra Dubai, said :“We welcome the visit of celebrated sushi itamae, Chef Nobu, who came and toured our facilities. The positive responses and reactions that we have received from top chefs and culinary experts who have visited Waterfront Market have become truly overwhelming and we thank them for their kind words. The presence of these popular chefs in Dubai reflect the city’s position as one of the world’s emerging culinary havens–showing that the culinary scene is not just growing but developing. With this in mind, chefs are always on the lookout for places to buy fresh food and ingredients for their restaurants and we are glad that they have found that place in Waterfront Market.” Hailed as the mastermind behind the Nobu Japanese fusion restaurants, Chef Nobu has become a worldwide brand in his own right. The Michelin starred chef’s unique fusion of Japanese and Peruvian flavors has helped boost the popularity of his restaurants, which can be found across 33 outlets around the world. Chef Nobu is credited with helping make Japanese cuisine more accepted today–backed by his artful mix of traditional-meets-modern cuisine to create unique and memorable dining experiences. Japanese cuisine continues to be a thriving global industry with Dubai being one of its ultimate promising hubs.