Welcome To The Waterfront Market – We Are Open!

Waterfront Market opened to public on 12 June with an overwhelming response from our traders and customers. There was excitement all around as fish traders decorated their stalls with fresh fish and customers brought with them the charm and the buzz of Dubai markets to officially announce the opening of the market.

Loyal customers from the Deira Fish Market expressed their delight at the new, clean and hygienic facilities and congratulated the traders on their move to the new market. The traders at the fish market hailed the new cleaning, air conditioning and ionising mechanisms of the state-of-the-art Waterfront Market which are designed to eliminate foul odour, keep the food fresh longer and elevate the experience for traders and customers alike.

Other sections of the market, which include meat & poultry, fruit and vegetables, spices, dates & honey markets, as well as the restaurants, cafes and retail shops, are expected to open very soon. The opening of these sections will establish Waterfront Market at the forefront of UAE’s fresh food scene as well as a destination for locals, residents and tourists to come together to celebrate food and life.